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Transitions to Communities is a collaborative project led by the Mood Disorders Society of Canada with support from Employment and Social Development Canada and Veteran Affairs Canada.

Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is a national, not for profit, consumer driven, voluntary health charity formally launched and incorporated in 2001 with the overall objective to provide people with mood disorders with a strong, cohesive voice at the national level to improve access to treatment, inform research, shape program development and government policies to improve the quality of life for people affected by mood disorders.
Mood Disorders Society of Canada is committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to improve the inclusion of persons with mental health issues/ disabilities in all areas of Canada.  Due to this unwavering mission, MDSC has become one of Canada’s best-connected and leading national NGO’s in mental illness and mental health. MDSC has access to the best experts in all fields throughout Canada and internationally. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in dealing with issues related to mental illness/disability. We have garnered a reputation for being collaborative and we have the proven capacity to work with federal departments.
MDSC has a demonstrated track record in developing strong, long-term relationships with major organizations, employers, government and community agencies.  We have a very respected ability to serve as an effective bridge between persons with mental health issues/ disabilities, service providers, community organizations and employers throughout Canada. MDSC also has an exemplary track record in the management of complex projects.

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Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for developing, managing and delivering social programs and services.

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Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

Veterans Affairs Canada deeply values the contribution that Veterans have made to the development of our nation and we honour the sacrifices they have made in the defence of freedom and the pursuit of world peace. In expressing Canada’s gratitude to them, we strive to exemplify many of the same principles which they represent – integrity, respect, service and commitment, accountability, and teamwork.

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Supporters and Veterans Organizations



A key component of the Transition to Communities project is the coordinated involvement of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) in the development of this pilot project and their in-kind contribution support through working with the project partners in developing the research methodology.

This innovative pilot site project will provide outcomes data on significant key areas of concern for all Canadians. As part of the project, MDSC will collaborate and work very closely to collect and analyze our measurable outcomes that will inform policy for reducing risk factors for homelessness, unemployment and other social determinants of health of veterans.


The Transitions to Communities program works with employers across the country and greatly values our partnerships. Employers are a major component of the project and we seek out new employer partnerships for involvement in supporting and expanding the project’s success and reach.

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